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Laxminagar (34 observations) (view trip) Jun 2, 2013 Highlights: Asian Koel attempting laying eggs in J Babbler's nest. Whte-throated Fantail pair building nest. CS Barbet feeding their babies. C Scops Owl (I always knew it had to be there somewhere) Nests of Red-vented Bulbul, OM Robin, J Babbler, CS Barbets. Indian Pitta from 5 feet. DIPS House Sparrow Small Minivet Oriental White Eye Sopted Dove Yellow Footed Green Pigeon Cuckoo White-breasted Waterhen
Telangkhedi Garden (55 observations) (view trip) Dec 22, 2012 A casual stroll of just an hour and Telangkhedi Garden and around was as happening as ever. Never fails good birding in this area.

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Commented on Banded Bay Cuckoo , Oct 8, 2013 12:13 pm

Nagpur's cap is getting heavier by so many feathers.....fantastic sighting! Congrats Yashpal Joshi.

Commented on White-bellied Minivet (female) , Feb 16, 2013 10:28 pm

I saw this bird on number of occasions after this sighting. 2 or 3 females were found mixed in Small Minivet party. This bird showed tendency to get on the ground or on the bushes like prinias. I believe, I saw a male also in the same area but could not photograph it.