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Haladgaon (Saiki) Lake (75 observations) (view trip) Dec 27, 2012 The highlights of the trip were a flock of about 150 Greater Short-Toed Larks and 9 Black Storks. We were after the Red and Black-headed Buntings but got the Grey-necked Buntings instead on our way from Saiki to Paradgaon, that seemed to be quite accustomed to the scrub habitat along the kachha roads. At Paradgaon, we spotted a good number of Bar-headed Geese. Accompanying me were Rohit Chakravarty and Jay Kulkarni

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Commented on Ferruginous Pochard , Nov 6, 2013 12:29 pm

Great record, Pushkar! This one’s eluded cameras for a long time in Nagpur

Commented on Southern Grey Shrike - Juvenile , Oct 6, 2008 05:36 pm

amazing record! first from the city?? congrats tariquesir!