Ultramarine Flycatcher

March 2012 onwards I started birding in Nagpur region, since than spotted many species with Arpit, tushar and pranjal, we found some rare / new one also, but recently when I spotted and enjoyed the company of Ultramarine Flycatcher, it completed my tally for Flycatchers found in this region. Total 11 type of flycatchers found in and around Nagpur (source nagpurbirds.org)

Kuldeep Shukla

has 77 photos, 8 trips and 520 observations.

Was added on January 31, 2013, taken on January 30, 2013. Camera used Canon Eos 1000d from Canon with a shutter speed of 1/250 Sec and aperture f 6.3, at a focal length of 439 mm. This picture was viewed 368 times.


Tarique Sani on Jan 31, 2013 09:53 pm

Why such a small picture?

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