Peregrine Falcon - Habitat

Changing Habitat - Generally Peregrine Falcons prefer a cliff face as a resting or nesting site. Cliff edges provide safe locations and excellent vantage points to watch for prey, But now a day’s Peregrines also prefer to rest or nest on artificial 'cliffs' created on high-rise buildings or other man-made structures in an urban environment, this bird was sighted near Industrial area adjacent to Ambazari Lake but prefer a man made telephone tower for its perch added By Dr. Sudhanshu Kothe sir. we were amazed to see adaptability of this mighty raptor.

Kuldeep Shukla

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Was added on October 31, 2013, taken on October 27, 2013. Camera used Canon Eos 60d from Canon with a shutter speed of 1/800 Sec and aperture f 7.1, at a focal length of 500 mm. This picture was viewed 217 times.


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