Indian Courser (Cursorius coromandelicus) – Eye to Eye!!!

Totally Amazed!!!!...and all credit goes to Sri Surendra sir. I, Tushar Takale and Arpit decided to have a close observation of this grass land beauty, We reach at a suitable place and hide ourselves by lay down on ground, after sometime the bird accepts our presence and come close to us also, But it was a challenge for us to lay down in a same position as if we made any moment it may alert birds and our very purpose defies, Special thanks to Avinash ji for giving us opportunity to click this beauty.

Kuldeep Shukla

has 77 photos, 8 trips and 520 observations.

Was added on March 29, 2013, taken on March 29, 2013. Camera used Canon Eos 1000d from Canon with a shutter speed of 1/400 Sec and aperture f 8, at a focal length of 500 mm. This picture was viewed 369 times.


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