Common Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus)- Adult Male in flight from above satellite view

In morning near to my home (Nagpur, India) I saw this magnificent view in sky…some crow were following a predator, first I thought about Shikra but a black band on outer part of tail baffled me, so I decided to wait & watch…. while spending some time there…Wow…It was a Male Common Kerstral (Falco tinnunculus) actually following a female kestrel. Male was diving on female in sitting or in air showing its claws and making calls and more than that female was also following the male...

Kuldeep Shukla

has 77 photos, 8 trips and 520 observations.

Was added on November 21, 2012, taken on October 22, 2012. Camera used Canon Eos 1000d from Canon with a shutter speed of 1/800 Sec and aperture f 7.1, at a focal length of 213 mm. This picture was viewed 1011 times.


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