Black-breasted Weaver

Second sighting of this bird from within city limits, after Aditya Joshi's sighting in Mohgaon-Zilpi in 2008. I saw a flock of 15-20 individuals, most of which were breeding males with perhaps a few females. The birds are presumably breeding. They are perpetually hidden beneath the reeds so it is difficult to get a good view. The closest that I've seen them from Nagpur (presumably breeding) is at Navegaon in 2008 with Rohan Chakravarty, Jay Kulkarni, Azhar Ali (et al.).

Rohit Chakravarty

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Was added on June 4, 2013, taken on June 4, 2013. Camera used Dmc-fz60 from Panasonic with a shutter speed of 1/125 Sec and aperture f 5.2, at a focal length of 108 mm. This picture was viewed 264 times.


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